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The Figure of the Outsider

The Outsider. The Misfit. The Outcast. He (and it most typically is a he) has become an archetypal figure in literature, one who disgusts and delights readers in equal measure. The Outsider conjures within our minds an image of a gaunt, bookish, prematurely world-weary man who idles away his time contemplating the nature of his… Continue reading The Figure of the Outsider

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[BOOK REVIEW] A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee

My review for A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee is now up on bookish website Book Browse. READ REVIEW BookBrowse is an online magazine for booklovers, which includes reviews, previews, "beyond the book" articles, author interviews, reading guides, and much more. The site boasts a great team of knowledgeable reviewers who write well-thought-out reviews… Continue reading [BOOK REVIEW] A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee