Home Bunnies

There’s nothing like coming home from a stressful, dreary day at work to find these two waiting for you to brighten your mood. Just look at them, how could they not!

Meet Paninu (the gorgeous grey) and Hopsu (the bundle of black and white), both are three-and-a-bit years old.

When they’re not sleeping, they’re out on the hunt using every imaginable trick in their cute-box to try and persuade you to give them what they want. Yummy treats! They’ll jump up on the sofa, hop onto your lap, binky about, nudge your foot, lick your hand, or just sit wide-eyed, looking expectantly at you, all adorable like. And obviously, it always works. Out come the packets of treats, and into an excited frenzy they go like kids on a sugar rush.

Lots of people usually ask us about their curious sounding names. Well, when we first got these two buns we were under the impression they were female. Originally, Paninu was named Panina, the Maltese word for bread roll (bread – bun – bunny). And Hopsu was initially named Ħobza, the Maltese for a loaf of bread. Spot a theme here? Only it transpired, a few weeks after each of these two bunnies moved in with us and had matured a little, that they were in fact boys. So we substituted the “a” suffixes to “u”s, a common way to identify male/female words in the Maltese language. Ħobzu soon became Hopsu, because it rolls off the tongue a little easier, and he has a penchant for hopping about for no particular reason other than he is happy.

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