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A Place Away 

It was time to relax, time to detach from the hustle and bustle of the office. When you work in an emotionally taxing, care-giving job, it’s easy to forget your need to wind down and connect with your inner child; the part of you which yearns to simply be and enjoy the given moment with all its curiosities and marvels.

For our team away day, a colleague invited us over to this little quiet countryside haven, away from the noise and traffic of the island. It was a much-needed blessing, that refreshed us all, and which personally took me back to my childhood, when I used to play and roll about in the Maltese countryside.

We spent the day enjoying the trees and greenery, tending to the chickens and horse, and making delicious (mostly) healthy home-made pizza. I tried to capture these emotions and moments on camera to share and enjoy with you.

2017-12-07 07-1785680542..jpg2017-12-19 02582213601..jpg2017-12-07 071445286895..jpg2017-12-07 07-2081197589..jpg2017-12-19 021481331200..jpg2017-12-07 07.45.53 1.jpg2017-12-07 071831023582..jpg2017-12-07 07-1149284009..jpg2017-12-19 021801634862..jpg2017-12-07 07-416340905..jpg2017-12-19 021026306010..jpg2017-12-07 09-1245893003..jpg2017-12-07 07-850353967..jpg2017-12-07 07-1355740726..jpg2017-12-07 072088833219..jpg2017-12-07 07103587680..jpg2017-12-07 072104090792..jpg2017-12-07 071564819613..jpg2017-12-07 07-563912956..jpg2017-12-12 12688782750..jpg

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