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To Extinguish & Ignite the Light of Magic (1)

Illustration by Cynthia Tedy


‘Timmy, Timmy, wake up little munchkin.’

Timothy felt a warm hand rubbing him awake. The soft fleshy palm and long bony fingers seemed to span the entirety of his back. Fee-fi-fo-fum, he thought. He wanted to swat the hand away. Lemme ‘lone, he wished to protest. But he couldn’t summon the energy. The dozy, dormant pull of sleep was too strong.

‘Wake up Timmy.’

The hand persisted, rocking him gently from side to side now. It couldn’t be morning already, could it? He sensed it was still dark under his heavy eyelids and he half remembered that he was expecting a wondrous surprise the next day. He wanted to be well rested for the events to come, but to and fro he continued to go.

He finally let out a sluggish groan and squinted. Mum was hunched over his bed. She was beaming at him. There was a man standing behind her in the doorway. The man was blocking out the light from the landing so Timothy could only make out his silhouette. It wasn’t dad. Too fat to be dad.

‘Someone special has come to see you,’ Mum said pointing to the mysterious stranger.

Timothy rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and the stocky figure came into focus.

It was Father Christmas!

In his bedroom!

There he stood, dressed in his magnificent scarlet suit. His bushy white beard was tucked into the thick black belt wrapped around his globular tummy. He looked exactly the same as he did in all the adverts shown between Timothy’s favourite cartoon shows and on the countless number of Christmas cards he had helped mummy write to relatives and friends and neighbours. Timothy couldn’t quite believe it. He sat up on his knees, all his drowsiness evaporating into a wave of dizzy euphoric glee.

‘Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!’ Father Christmas boomed.

‘It’s Father Christmas!’ Timothy whispered to his mum in disbelief.

Mum laughed. She lifted the little boy up into her arms and brushed his fringe of silky mousey hair away from his forehead.

‘Yes, it is,’ she said. ‘Go on, say hello.’


To Extinguish & Ignite the Light of Magic is a short story told over 5 scenes in Tim’s life.

Part 2 will be posted next week.

Special massive thanks to the amazing Cynthia Tedy for her beautiful illustrations. Please check out more of Cynthia’s work on her website here.

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