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READALIKES: Mindhunter

My Mindhunter readalikes list is featured on bookish website Nudge Book, a place where book lovers and casual readers can browse and discover authors to watch out for and which book to read next. If things go to plan, I should hopefully have a few more guest posts on Nudge in the near future, which I am very excited about.

In the meantime, a quick Mindhunter preamble  …

r7RIwuceOaDP4KTmU1EFeDniRq4I was slightly sceptical when new detective series Mindhunter dropped on Netflix this October, but as David Fincher was attached – a director whose films I have always greatly admired, especially Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac – I was intrigued enough to give it a go. And it was well worth it. Admittedly, the show is a bit of a slow burner with an emphasis on character building rather than action, but thanks to some stellar performances (particularly from the cast playing the serial killers) it made for compelling viewing with plenty of creepy memorable moments (Brodos and that shoe, Speck and that bird, Kemper and that hug!). The end of the first season only sets up what promises to be a much more complex overarching case to solve during season two.

If you’re looking for novels with a Mindhunter vibe/atmos to dig into while you wait for its return, then check out my recommendations and reasons for reading on Nudge Books through the link below.




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