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Postcard #3

Dear Dandelion flower,

As promised, a brief dispatch from paradise island.

You’ll be thrilled (and not at all jealous) to hear that your fav big sis is having the time of her life. Every day, we stumble out of sleep and dive headfirst into endless, infinite blue skies. The flat we rented is in a right state. Eight constantly unmade beds, a stack of dirty dishes in the sink, the bathroom is pretty much a biohazard zone now. Mum would be proud. Breakfast is cold bottled beers and ice-cream out of the tub. With sand in our shoes and the sun in our eyes, we run down to the beach. All eight of us in sarongs and beach shorts in every imaginable colour. We must look like a pandemonium of parrots coming down the street. God knows what the locals think of us.

The rest of morningtide we spend in the sea. The sea Dandi, the sea! It spreads out to the horizon like a bed of diamonds and blue precious stones. It’s like floating around in Kimmy K’s jewellery box. When our skin turns the right shade of sun-kissed, we head back to the flat to shower and siesta. Nights here are as manic as the days are mellow. But more on that next time.

How I wish, how I wish you were here! Next year mum and dad will have to let you join. Send them my love.


photo by Davinia Marie

words by Dean

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