Welcome to the Strange & Ordinary.

Here you’ll find personal travel diaries, art and culture reviews, photographs, and hopefully there’ll even be some fiction and art pieces by myself and friends.

Before I bid you join me on this journey, I guess it might be helpful to know who “me” is.


Hello … again. I’m Dean, 30 years old, married to my human-wife Davinia (also my co-pilot in this venture), and am currently employed as a copywriter with one of those hundreds of ever germinating iGaming companies that seem to be taking over the tiny island I live on. That’s Malta by the way, a hot and humid overpopulated speck of rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that’s not without its charms. Having a secure job that pays well for writing and editing text is certainly nice. But a year-and-a-half in, I am finding I miss writing about things I am truly passionate about: literature, music, theatre, film, travel … If only there were an outlet for me to share my musings on such trivial affairs.

So, after much umming and ahhing, I decided to take matters into my own feeble hands and create this very blog you are now perusing as an incentive to get me writing and posting more. Part journal, part portfolio, part self-therapy, this blog is meant to be a creative hub to share my assorted scribing as well as other potential projects.


Why the Strange & Ordinary?

The name of this blog is based on a mongrelized aphorism I like to say. “One man’s strange is another man’s ordinary.”* It’s quite self-explanatory, but the idea is that what may be strange and odd for one person is most probably perfectly bog-standard normal for someone else. Whenever we come face-to-face with something seemingly “strange” and “weird” – whether it be in art, culture, cuisine, traditions – we always have two basic options. We can refuse to engage and keep our pre-existing worldview intact. Otherwise we can let go, dive in, and see how this strange new other may (or may not, that’s always a possibility too) mould us and become part of our definition of ordinary as well.


The blog is now a-go. All that remains is to go out into the world, have new experiences, and write, write, write.

I hope you’ll join me for what is sure to be a long and winding trip to the strange and ordinary shores of art, culture, travel and all that lies in-between.

* Of course, the actual saying is “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


3 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Oh no, I just commented something, but it appears to be gone. I will try to rewrite it, so do apologize if you get similar messages twice:

    Dean, that is so exciting! I am really looking forward to reading more and especially getting some musical and literary input. Over the years I have worked on filling my bookshelves and my heart with literature that you have recommended. Coincidentally, they teach some of that stuff at uni. Because I am such a show-off – sitting in the first row, can’t keep my mouth shut and generally being such a book geek – they made me part of the English lit research and teaching team. So, need new input for more serious geeking.
    Lots of kisses and hugs to both of you as well as to your two fluffballs from Germany, Anika xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s so sweet of you Anika! Even though I was not personally there to see you geek out, I still am really happy to receive your encouragement and that you are with us here! 😀 xxx


    2. Glad to hear that Anika! I usually post what I’m reading on my Instagram account. I’ll add you if you’re on it as I tend not to use FB much. Really hope we get to meet up again soon.


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